Mediterranean Collection



Rich of over 80 designs, the Mediterranean Collection is our most popular and versatile Collection. With elements from Classic Moorish, Spanish, Andalusian, Tunisian, Italian and Portuguese traditions, this collection is a true illustration of the cultural diversity of the Mediterranean basin.

The Mediterranean Collection is available in two styles: Hand Painted (HP) and Handmade (HM).

The HP style uses a ¼” manufactured ceramic bisque as a base. Artisans hand paint and glaze these tiles, then double fire them at high temperatures. HP tiles feature vibrant colors, enhanced with a high gloss and slightly embossed designs.

The HM style goes through the same process of painting, glazing and firing but uses a ½” ceramic bisque molded by hand. The glaze used for this style has a matte finish and the colors are slightly muted to promote the rustic look of the hand molded bisque.

Tiles of the Mediterranean Collection are complemented with a wide selection of field tiles and ceramic trims.


Applications: This collection can be used in virtually any type of application. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, in wet or dry areas. Hand Painted 1/4" thick tiles are not recommended for full  floor covering.  Not recommended for use in freezing temperatures.

Mediterranean Collection