Portofino Collection

The Portofino Collection draws inspirations from different areas of the Mediterranean basin. Italian Renaissance, Moorish and Islamic geometrical designs are harmoniously combined to create the collection.
What sets the Portofino Collection apart from our other collections is its 3/4" thick bisque. It's handcrafted using a blend of Sicilian red clay and lava. The firing process causes the minerals in the blend to crystalize, creating a pronounced crackle effect in the glaze. This crackled glaze, combined with the bisque's textured surface contribute to the weathered look of the Portofino Collection. The tiles are painted using soft colors with a high pigment saturation, which add depth to the designs without compromising the overall aged character of the collection.


Application: Indoors applications (walls), in dry areas. Not recommended for wet areas as water and humidity will accentuate the crackled effect. Not suitable for use in freezing temperatures.