Moroccan Collection

Zellige tiles originated in Morocco and are one of the most recognizable and intricate forms of ceramic tiles. The designs are rooted in Islamic art, with Berber and Andalusian influences.
Zellige is known for its variation in texture, unique shine and depth of glaze. It has been used  since the 10th century to adorn residences and palaces, the Alhambra Palace being the most famous display of Zellige art.
Since its beginning, Casa Ceramica has teamed up with the leading artisan producers of Zellige in Morocco to provide authentic and entirely customizable plaques.


Application: Can be used for indoors and outdoors application (wall, floor, backsplash, waterline, etc.), in wet or dry areas, except for the unsealed natural color which is not recommended for use in wet areas. Not recommended for use in freezing temperatures.